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Customer Direct Sourcing

Customer Direct Sourcing

Citywest Vehicle Solutions have introduced by popular demand a service we call “Customer Direct”. Whereby our client gives us a brief on what car they are looking for, we set about finding that car. No matter how particular & detailed the requirements are we are confident we can satisfy the most demanding & unusual requests.

This is a comprehensive “Vehicle Sourcing Service” which delves into a live Nationwide Database with thousands of vehicles which is updated daily.

Because of our buying power & industry knowledge these vehicles will be bought by us at trade price & you will pay that price for it. Where we get our return is from a fee we charge you when the deal is done, which will always still make the purchase cheaper than buying direct from the forecourt.

We are fully transparent on these “Customer Direct” deals and you are kept in the loop every step of the way!

The vehicle will be delivered to your door ready for you to enjoy immediately!!

What are you waiting for, fill out our form, give us your requirements and leave the hard work to us!!

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